LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) Freight Services

AVi Logistics takes complex Less-Than-Truckload shipments and simplifies the process using our knowledge and partnerships with the LTL providers in the market. We focus on finding the perfect carriers for all your needs, while driving cost saving solutions after analyzing your shipment details.

  • Partners with 12 + regional and national carriers
  • Negotiating ability to find additional savings on your book of LTL business.
  • Up to the minute tracking and tracing

Our LTL Freight Carriers

As a freight logistics brokerage we can save you a substantial amount on LTL Freight Shipments with our lane-by-lane buying power and with the same trusted carriers you may already be using. We are not locked into seasonal or long term rates but we still have tremendous buying power which gives us the ability to choose the best routes with the best carriers for your shipments.

LTL Freight Specialist On Hand At All Times

AVi Logistics has LTL Specialists on hand at all times to help you with your LTL questions. If you’re not sure about what services are needed our team is trained to ask the right questions to work with the shipper and the receiver to discover what is needed to get your shipment where it needs to go the services that will be required to eliminate any surprises later on.

For an Immediate LTL Quote

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More LTL Freight Solutions

Avoid Re-Classification Charges

PROBLEM: Getting hit with Re-Classification for listing the wrong Class for a shipment.

  • Can cost you hundreds of dollars after the shipment delivers

SOLUTION: With our system, and specialists, we have the tools in partnership with the NMFTA to help make your shipment is classified correctly.

Avoid Overlength Charges

PROBLEM: Getting an additional charge for overlength pallets

  • When dealing with inches all day – it can be easy to miss an overlength pallet, and be hit with an additional charge

SOLUTION: With our system, it’ll automatically add the overlength charge when you’re building the load – if it’s overlength – so you get an accurate quote in the end.

Help Always On Hand

SOLUTION: Specialists on-hand to help you with your LTL questions if you’re not sure about what services are needed

  • Our team is trained to ask the right questions and work with the shipper/receiver to discover what is needed to get your shipment where it needs to go and the services that’ll be required to eliminate surprises.

Easily Reference Paperwork

SOLUTION: Missing paperwork, or a history of shipments run?

  • Our system automatically uploads the BOL from the carrier after it’s delivered, shows detailed step-by-step tracking of your shipment, and has an easy viewable history of all loads moved on the main screen.
    • The software can also be provided to the customer for self-service, for quotes, creating shipments and even GPS tracking on all loads.
    • Within the portal in addition to LTL customers can also request quotes for international shipments, Intermodal and Full Truckload
  • With our buying power in the LTL industry we can save you money on shipments using the very same carriers you would normally book with.