Customer Care for Every Shipment

Our company philosophy is that while we do handle all of your freight needs, we are really in the relationship business.

Ken Dorey, Chief Operations Officer

Our Relationship Priorities For Every Shipment

In every shipment there are 3 immediate sets of relationships we need to maintain for seamless execution:

  1. our customers
  2. our own team internally
  3. our valued carrier partners

But we understand it doesn’t stop there.

Certainly on our customer side there are many other relationships behind each shipment that must be acknowledged. We understand that our strong reputation is only going to be maintained not just by keeping our immediate contacts happy, but in making sure the confidence in what we do is felt right through each organization we provide service and communication to.

We Foster A Solution Based Way of Thinking

What that means is we see times of challenge as opportunities to prove our worth as both a problem solver and valued partner who is always available. Internally we are a completely collaborative work environment, where every team member is positioned specifically to play to their individual strengths, which promotes an extremely strong team environment. Every member of the team contributes equally to the solutions we find for our customers.

Quite simply, we care about your freight just as much as you do.

If you are looking for an exceptional service provider we realize you have choices, but we firmly believe that…

  • our unbeatable culture
  • our transparency
  • our solution based thinking
  • our commitment to proactive communications

…is truly what defines us as a team, and what will be the difference maker for you when you choose to work with AVi Logistics.